Watching Bamboo Grow (more stolen Chinese poetry)

This is the third in a series. The first two can be found by clicking the Chinese poetry category and tag links at the bottom of the post. As with the others the original Chinese is below, along with the literal translation by Andrew Griffin from which I worked.

Watching Bamboo Grow

There’s a cool breeze stirring in the thin bamboo
I’ve planted to lazily watch how they grow

This evening a fine rain falls down on them,
hitting the leaves dead-centre again and again

Tomorrow these hollow stalks may tremble
at late-summer frost but will stand, hold their ground

Inch by inch they grow tall, send out runners to form
regiments marching double-time to east and west

修 竹 [cultivate/study bamboo]
清风徐徐竹修空 [cool breeze/(fig. pure and honest) gently/slowly bamboo cultivate/study vacant/leisure/sky/air]

细雨频频打叶中 [fine-rain/drizzle repeatedly/again and again hits leaves centre]

那管霜寒侵俊逸 [that/those tube(s)/to manage frost cold/to tremble invades/encroaches/approaches talent/handsomeness outstanding]

节节高展任西东 [little-by-little high/tall spread-out take-up post/responsibility west- east/across the land/everywhere]

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