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The Dead of Winter (a pantoum resurrection pantomime)

In the oaks where the brown leaves loiter as impetuous March approaches singing empty promises of spring, the blackbirds accrete in dark clusters. As impetuous March approaches, strung with palm fronds, smeared with ashes, the blackbirds accrete in dark clusters … Continue reading

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Video reading of The Winter Wings of Gulls (sestina)

The Winter Wings of Gulls I’ve been meaning to make an actual video of this sestina (video above, text below), rather than just me reading it at home. I even shot some stuff for it last fall in various places, … Continue reading

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Love Poem for Frida Kahlo

Love Poem for Frida Kahlo Down here we still look for the crow-winged sweep of your eyebrow silhouetted high over the nodding heads of the highbrow.

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The Buddha on Laundry

Every sock you wash only steals from dogs one more whiff of nirvana

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South Wind on a February Morning

As an idle child wanders the house rattling fingernails on teeth, so the south wind fitfully taps rain against the windows

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Secluded Orchid (stolen Chinese poetry)

This is the fourth in a series of poems (1, 2, 3) I’ve appropriated from the Chinese via literal translations (which can be found below each poem) by Andrew Griffin—all liberties taken with them must be blamed on me, not … Continue reading

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A Late Winter Gull Pantoum (Revision, 7th draft)

The flood of light image in the previous draft of this poem that I posted was bugging the hell out of me. It did not work at all with the “sparse, hoarded light” that is much more integral to the … Continue reading

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