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The sea sorting sand grains by size and shape into this beach we walk on. The wind gathering loose grains into high, slow-cresting waves behind us. The sun’s photons warming wind and water, the complex swirl of currents. Matter’s slow … Continue reading

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Afternoon, by the Government Buildings

At the edge of a bench, elbows on restless knees, is it you in the park with your head down, amongst dandelions gone to seed?

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Down Here By The Water (Crack Open That Goddamn Tequila)

The moon rises over the harbour The wind grows heavy with salt. Mars is a pebble thrown at the sky, Rusty as the dreams we forgot. Slow decline down here by the water Watching the tides ebb and swell, Blood … Continue reading

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Selfie, Under the Apple Blossoms

Spring was late and cold and now these blossoms fade faster than my hair

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Between the Lines

The crows are constant scrawls There above fields of dandelions Pushing up, yellow, indecipherable, Swaying in the wind of starlings’ wings. Sometimes at evening a raven calls At the edge of the bonefield sky Eroding till the first quarter of … Continue reading

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