Monthly Archives: February 2016

No Roadside Assistance

February ends The moon’s a blown-out tire, flat Slapping on asphalt The bent rim rolls on and on Trailing sparks across the night

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Baseball Research as Evolutionary Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience

Nothing rigorous or particularly substantial here (except in the linked article), just a thought or two I had this morning while doing my regular rounds of baseball sites. This Baseball Prospectus article by Guy Molyneaux is fascinating and, I’d say, … Continue reading

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Don’t Mince Words

How thin this world must taste to those who slice its facts into ribbons, desperate for nuance

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Today the willow Bending low over the fence Sketches on the snow A night from late in summer— Moonlight squeaked beneath our feet

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February Thaw

Even in this fog The harbour isn’t silent. Unseen, the gulls mewl Above ice broken, but thick Still—frost lies deep in the ground.

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I Don’t Hear the Crows

I don’t hear the crows gabbing their garbled gossip in this morning’s rain you opened the door to leave— the whole street was a murmur

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