Peach Omelette

I’m writing this with my just-cleared plate between me and the keyboard. Because it was that good right after I invented it. It will be even better when I have fresh peaches and heavy cream available rather than the canned and 18% I used because they were there.

  • 3 eggs
    3 peach slices, optionally diced
    3-6 tbs cream
    pepper (I used coarse ground)
    cayenne pepper (or chili flakes, or siracha—or whatever hot ingredient you prefer)
    half a small onion, roughly chopped
    couple slices ham or bacon, diced
    3-6 tbs butter
    lemon or lime zest or juice, just a couple pinches or a tiny dash
    sugar or powdered sugar or maple syrup or whatever sweetener you prefer—it’s your omelette and your damn tastebuds
    2 skillets
    1 mixing bowl

If using bacon fry it first, leave fat in skillet and turn to low heat. When skillet has cooled, sweat onions (and peach slices if using fresh) in bacon fat (adding 1 or 2 tbs butter if needed.

If using ham place skillet on low heat, add 3 tbs butter and sweat onions (and peach slices if using fresh).

Put the other skillet on low heat, add 2-3 tbs of butter to and allow to melt slowly. If you find yourself wondering if you used enough butter, you didn’t—should coat the surface generously.

While the butter melts, beat all the remaining ingredients (except 2-3 tbs cream and the sweetener) together in the bowl. Do not beat to a completely uniform texture. Put into omelette skillet and allow to cook slowly until beginning to firm. It should slide easily in skillet when shaken gently by handle Add peaches, onions, and ham/bacon across center of omelette, fold gently (or slide out of pan onto plate and flip back into skillet with uncooked side down).

Plate when cooked to taste, pour on remaining cream and drizzle on your sweetener.

Eat, and praise me.

P.S. Don’t leave the empty skillet sitting on the low heat while you eat and write a blog post. Your place will get a bit smoggy.

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I'll mumble for ya. Poetry, plus most things quantifiable: science, neuroscience, memory, epistemology, baseball. And so on.
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