Mumbling Jack is John MacKenzie, author of Letters I Didn’t Write, Shaken By Physics, and Sledgehammer and other poems.

This blog begins as  a vehicle for a new project: Mumbling Jack, an album of poems recorded at home, which I am offering through the blog (available by clicking on the image to your right). An ebook containing the text of poems, plus others, will follow. As my first two books are out of print, it is possible that I will also be offering ebook versions of those eventually. We’ll see. Here’s a review of the Mumbling Jack album.

Beyond the ugly, but necessary, commercial aspects, I expect to occasionally mumble on about my thoughts on the world, poetry, memory, epistemology, science, neuroscience, baseball–anything that occurs to me, really–as well as posting poems in progress and short Twitter-length poems.


sledgehammer shaken-by-physics-poems-john-mackenzie-paperback-cover-art Letters I Didn't Write

5 Responses to About

  1. Craig Lints says:


    You have been such an inspiration to me.

    Somehow I discovered Sledgehammer.
    Don’t know how.

    I do not call myself a poet,
    but I write.

    I always hear you in my poetry.
    Like a jazz tune that keeps on.
    And anon.


    An Unkindness of Poets

    Ravens we are.
    Dark, brooding, intelligent

    We gather in small groups
    Too dissonant to be called a flock

    We sit and discuss

    We steal eggs

    We swallow the world.

    -craig lints (aprox 2006)


  2. John MacKenzie says:

    Craig, thank you—it’s great to hear that what I do has touched you. Keep stealing, keep swallowing (our eyes are bigger than our stomachs).


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  4. Norm Finlayson says:

    Dear Mr. Mackenzie,
    May I submit your piece about racism to our neighbourhood newsletter, (circulation 28)? The newsletter is called C1A4R4, published by Peter Rukavina. I would of course credit you as the author.
    Regards, Norm Finlayson


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