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Baseball Research as Evolutionary Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience

Nothing rigorous or particularly substantial here (except in the linked article), just a thought or two I had this morning while doing my regular rounds of baseball sites. This Baseball Prospectus article by Guy Molyneaux is fascinating and, I’d say, … Continue reading

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Serendipitous Collaboration

The image embedded lower in this post came to me courtesy of Matt Trussell, who lives beside a bog somewhere in Maine. I don’t know much more about him other than that he is quite pleasant in communication, likes baseball, … Continue reading

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Video reading of Another Year in the Minors

Text here

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Another Year in the Minors

April Between pitches, the left fielder counts the green threading slow through last year’s yellow grass May Behind him the lilacs shiver at his passage, scent each throw back to the infield with desire June Scuffing his toes at the … Continue reading

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What The Mendoza Line Teaches (Eliot Never Knew)

Ain’t the lilacs make April cruel—it’s the six goddamn months it breeds of mishit balls,* stinging palms, runners sliding into outs *The Mendoza line.

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Requiem for a Season

This poem waits for October, for a silent field after battle where crows have not yet arrived, but can be seen over distant trees— their wings a procession of black pennants streaming in the cold wind.

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The Best Baseball Sites You’ll Find (and Why the Hell I Play Fantasy Baseball)

I’m not a sports fanatic, but I do follow baseball. Well, to be precise, I follow analysis of baseball; and, specifically, the ever-evolving field of sabermetrics in its search to discover the best means of evaluating player performance offensively and … Continue reading

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The Near Future (Upcoming Posts)

A quick note to mention some things I intend to write about soon, in no particular order. Better than Bond: Genealogical Musings on Hardboiled or Rugged Individualists in Fiction from The Continental Op to Jack Reacher. A Few Notes About … Continue reading

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