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Snow In A Field At Night

I passed a painter all alone Walking in the night, her eyes filled With rods measuring remembered Skies and their uncertain hues Against wide wavefronts of blue Twisting particles and pieces torn From dying stars and galaxies Into figures like … Continue reading

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When the Magnolia Stands in the Wind

When the sun comes up in the morning On some ragged green day in May The magnolia will open its blossoms, Plant its fragrance square in your way. You’ll stand there with your bare face hung out As you realize … Continue reading

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Between the Lines

The crows are constant scrawls There above fields of dandelions Pushing up, yellow, indecipherable, Swaying in the wind of starlings’ wings. Sometimes at evening a raven calls At the edge of the bonefield sky Eroding till the first quarter of … Continue reading

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Nye-Nye Nye Nye-Nye Nye-Nye

I don’t often wake up at 6 am (usually I’m just going to sleep at that time), but when I do, apparently, I watch Bill Nye debate creationist Ken Ham. This was hilarious viewing this morning. Ham’s constant straight-faced mangling … Continue reading

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Muffled In Late December Snow

Hello again, Death. You came this year muffled in late December snow, strung yourself with pale blue lights, and waited in yards and trees, watching. We knew you were near. And we tried to prepare, to insulate. But you are … Continue reading

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Homeopathic Gravy

Remove roast from pan, drain all fat and scrape away all tasty brown bits. Add water. Add more water. Then add more water.* *For best results, you’ll want a pan—that’s, oh, about Solar system-sized— filled with water for every molecule … Continue reading

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Everyday Math

The ring-billed gulls descending over the low tide slant of shingle toward dark mudflats are a litter of dirty-white scrap paper scrawled with derivatives measuring the changes of functions in differential equations. Across the harbour the calculus continues; considers a … Continue reading

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