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Against Hope

I look at the apple tree in spring And see how the blossoms fade and fall. I look again in summer and see How the fruit of its early promise Now bend thin branches under their weight. And in autumn … Continue reading

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When the Magnolia Stands in the Wind

When the sun comes up in the morning On some ragged green day in May The magnolia will open its blossoms, Plant its fragrance square in your way. You’ll stand there with your bare face hung out As you realize … Continue reading

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Baseball Research as Evolutionary Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience

Nothing rigorous or particularly substantial here (except in the linked article), just a thought or two I had this morning while doing my regular rounds of baseball sites. This Baseball Prospectus article by Guy Molyneaux is fascinating and, I’d say, … Continue reading

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Because this and that sperm and egg happened to be reasonably compatible, and the gestation period passed without major complications, and our conditions at birth allowed each of us to continue breathing. Because of random mishaps avoided or not through … Continue reading

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Wednesday Morning in Spring

At dawn (under the precise compass arc of the last half-round of moon, blackbirds and chickadees gather in a flutter of thin dark wings on the lagging lindens’ bare black branches of May to sing slight variations on their old songs … Continue reading

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Nye-Nye Nye Nye-Nye Nye-Nye

I don’t often wake up at 6 am (usually I’m just going to sleep at that time), but when I do, apparently, I watch Bill Nye debate creationist Ken Ham. This was hilarious viewing this morning. Ham’s constant straight-faced mangling … Continue reading

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Muffled In Late December Snow

Hello again, Death. You came this year muffled in late December snow, strung yourself with pale blue lights, and waited in yards and trees, watching. We knew you were near. And we tried to prepare, to insulate. But you are … Continue reading

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