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Self-Portrait of a Blind Man at Evening

  Self-Portrait of a Blind Man at Evening Maybe you’ve seen him by the harbour in the south wind, listening, trying to hear over waves the distant fugue whale pods still continually compose off Chile in groans of carbon compressing … Continue reading

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Nye-Nye Nye Nye-Nye Nye-Nye

I don’t often wake up at 6 am (usually I’m just going to sleep at that time), but when I do, apparently, I watch Bill Nye debate creationist Ken Ham. This was hilarious viewing this morning. Ham’s constant straight-faced mangling … Continue reading

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The Idea of Beauty (Spoke Itself) (from Sledgehammer, 2000, poems from old notebooks)

This poem pleased me immensely the day I wrote it, which would have been in August or September of ’98 or ’99 (I could haul out my notebooks to check, but I’m too lazy at the momemt), and it still … Continue reading

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