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No Roadside Assistance

February ends The moon’s a blown-out tire, flat Slapping on asphalt The bent rim rolls on and on Trailing sparks across the night

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The Moon Turns Over and Over—As a Song

Michael Leon occasionally puts to music my attempts at writing songlike things, as he’s done with this piece I wrote last fall (lyrics here). The simple (but perhaps overly busy) video portion must be blamed solely on me as I … Continue reading

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Vanishing Point (Little Sands, PEI)

I was sent a fine, short, dark image the other day about stillness in Little Sands. It precipitated this poem since I have felt at the water that sort of stillness that seems both complete and empty at once. I think it … Continue reading

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Between the Lines

The crows are constant scrawls There above fields of dandelions Pushing up, yellow, indecipherable, Swaying in the wind of starlings’ wings. Sometimes at evening a raven calls At the edge of the bonefield sky Eroding till the first quarter of … Continue reading

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Another Year in the Minors

April Between pitches, the left fielder counts the green threading slow through last year’s yellow grass May Behind him the lilacs shiver at his passage, scent each throw back to the infield with desire June Scuffing his toes at the … Continue reading

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Video reading of The Winter Wings of Gulls (sestina)

The Winter Wings of Gulls I’ve been meaning to make an actual video of this sestina (video above, text below), rather than just me reading it at home. I even shot some stuff for it last fall in various places, … Continue reading

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Thin Dry Spruce

In January blizzards, with the wind out of the northwest for days bringing poles down on the County Line Road, he’d load the wood stove with slabs, thin dry spruce, sit in the dark, deaf to the constant gunfire crack … Continue reading

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