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Spring, 2020

April. Already Magnolias contemplate white Silences to come. How many will we see wither And die while May petals fall?

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August Mourning Doves

1. August mourning doves Contemplate the coming dawn An ache swells my throat Listen—fields of corn grow tall Under the thin-bladed moon 2. August sleep is sparse Mourning doves murmur at dawn As I lie awake Hearing the corn ripen … Continue reading

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The Movement of Hands

The moon is where now? I have forgotten to look. Time has tied itself To the movement of your hands On a keyboard in the night.

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No Roadside Assistance

February ends The moon’s a blown-out tire, flat Slapping on asphalt The bent rim rolls on and on Trailing sparks across the night

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Amongst the Green

Andrew Mitrovica has a great piece at ipolitics about Stephen Harper and his policies. Here’s the beginning: “Before last week, I thought I understood the depth of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s malevolence. I was wrong. Only now do I appreciate … Continue reading

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The Lilacs Don’t Care

The Lilacs Don’t Care The lilacs don’t care if you’ve waited years for one to open florets under your prim nose—like me, they shiver for the spring wind.

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