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The Long Dark

The Long Dark* At night, on the lake, The ice becomes a steel drum Rapid, thready pulse Counterpoints a wolf’s tenor Saxophone wavering near *Everything is writing fodder. The Long Dark is a survival videogame set in the northern Canadian … Continue reading

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The Moon Turns Over and Over—As a Song

Michael Leon occasionally puts to music my attempts at writing songlike things, as he’s done with this piece I wrote last fall (lyrics here). The simple (but perhaps overly busy) video portion must be blamed solely on me as I … Continue reading

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Serendipitous Collaboration

The image embedded lower in this post came to me courtesy of Matt Trussell, who lives beside a bog somewhere in Maine. I don’t know much more about him other than that he is quite pleasant in communication, likes baseball, … Continue reading

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The Full Moon Tonight

Last night on Facebook, an old friend posted a photo of the moon seen through cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms demand haiku. The Full Moon Tonight for Sue Hughson The full moon tonight— just one more brief, white blossom in the cherry tree

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In Paris. The Portraits

I actually took a commission yesterday to write a poem for the birthday of a friend of a friend. It was a fun and interesting exercise. I worked mostly from a list sent to me of associations and interests of … Continue reading

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Because this and that sperm and egg happened to be reasonably compatible, and the gestation period passed without major complications, and our conditions at birth allowed each of us to continue breathing. Because of random mishaps avoided or not through … Continue reading

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An Island Mother’s Son (revision from August 2, 2013*)

When springtime winds and lilacs are entangled in their throes, and while summer elms and lindens stretch out their limbs with groans, you’ll see a man whose mother, back when he was green and slim, fastened the ropes of her desire to root … Continue reading

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