A Glimpse of the Sun (for Lee Clarke)

There are these autumn days when
The potatoes wait, pale in
The wet ground, while slow rain beads
On the digger sitting silent.
The kitchen, too, is quiet.
Only an occasional crack
From pine or spruce in the stove.
There’s nothing to say. The rain’ll stop
When it does, bringing a brief
Glimpse of sun and a drying wind
Before the long rods of the chain
Begin again to travel
Through twelve or sixteen hour days
In clinking syncopation.

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Of Asters and Obstinacy

There is in long solitude
A kind of sheer obstinacy
Often mistaken for purpose.

It falls in gauzy folds over
The lives of itinerant poets,
Of hermits, of holy men

And other sociopaths—
It veils whether they kneel
In seclusion only to gain

The selection of bruises
We study upon their knees.
And so we are left earnestly

To compare how slowly purple
Blossoms yellow and fade away.

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Smoky Meatloaf (after a Migraine)

I created this dish today because last night I had a migraine for first time in at least a year, and today I woke up famished. Nothing I could eat immediately appealed to me, though.

I looked in the fridge, and I looked in the cupboards. These are some of the things I took from what I saw:

  • 2 lbs medium ground beef
    1 cup of Ritz crackers
    1/3 medium spanish onion, finely chopped
    1 3 oz tin whole smoked oysters
    2 large eggs
    3 oz old cheddar
    1/2 cup mayonaise
    2 tbsp barbecue sauce
    1 tbsp Maroun’s Garlic Spread
    1 tbsp crushed peppercorns
    2 tsp cayenne pepper
    2 tsp worcestershire sauce
    1 tsp salt

This is what I did with them:

  1. Grated the cheddar.
  2. Finely crushed the crackers with the salt, peppercorns, and cayenne pepper. Added the smoked oysters and onion; mixed with a fork until oysters were well broken up and the mixture was clumping. Added the Garlic Spread, eggs, mayonaise, barbecue sauce, and worcestershire sauce and mixed until creamy and even.
  3. Added the concoction to ground beef and mixed by hand as well as possible. Placed in a glass baking dish.
  4. Pre-heated the oven to 350°F. Put the meatloaf in for 55 minutes (at which point I will remove it and top it with the cheddar and put it back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes.)

After the hour I will remove the dish and let the meatloaf rest for 10 minutes before serving myself. Then I will taste it and see if it’s as good as I expect it to be.

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Blood and Flesh and Gentleness

I went into the woods alone.
I listened to the crows.
They told me love was never stone,
That blood and flesh and gentleness
Were all to be condoned.

The moon swung her heavy head
Around in a woozy nod;
“They’re right they’re right they’re right,” she said.
“I’ve heard stars whispering of this
From deep, darkly-feathered beds.”

The sea was a silence then.
It swayed upon the world
And disassembled gods again,
Put their long-corroded parts away
Packed safely with grains of sand.

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September Walk

Goddam fall again.
Look how fucking butterflies
Flit in the meadows.
With every beat their wings shed
Yellow, wither the tall grass.

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Late August

I can’t show you where
Hillsides will bruise with asters.
You are far away.
A yellow moon rappels down
The sky, heavy and silent.

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The Cooling Air

Do you think the hardest thing
You can do is love the world
As it is rather than as
You think the world ought to be?

Try and remember the first
Time you opened a window
To listen to summer rain
And felt the cooling air move

Slowly over your warm skin;
Remember how difficult
And pleasing it was to move
Together to the window?

You know the hardest thing in
The world is two moving as one.

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